YalaMusiq - Producer

 The multi-talented producer has one goal; to reach the peak of his career. At the age of 12 years old, the self taught producer/engineer learned to break down the basic principles of music. It started with the legendary reggae song “Everyone Falls in Love.” Focusing on each individual element of the song, Yala discovered his passion for composing and writing music. While attending I.S. 174, he used his free time to visit the school’s computer lab. Having access to the lab, he would compose instrumentals; perfecting his skills, hoping to become one of the greatest producers of all time. Later, he built his first studio in his bedroom. A few months into this newlydiscovered passion, Yala taught himself all the components of music. From that point on, Yala landed recording, mixing, and production gigs. With the launching of his new music website, he is more than excited to introduce his music and talent worldwide; networking with different musicians.

                                                                          Contact - YalaMusiq@gmail.com